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Selkirk Selects was established in 1998 and is a non-profit organization. We offer male and female programs for athletes ages 2 and up.


Shawna says...

"When my daughter wanted to try gymnastics, my husband and I being new to the sport, were unsure what to expect.


What we discovered was family. Not only is this club run by family, but they embrace all their athletes as an extension of their family. They genuinely care about the athlete's wellbeing, are knowledgeable in the sport and show professionalism at all times. Well done Selkirk Selects and THANK-YOU for the support, love and training you show my daughter."

Nichole says...

"This is the best gym we have ever belonged to! Our daughter has gained amazing skill level at an amazing rate due to knowledgeable and FUN coaches. She has made great friends with peers and coaches and she loves going to gym 8 hours a week :) Thank you to all who put work into Selkirk Selects to make it the enjoyable and safe place to learn gymnastics in our community."

Tammy says...

"Selkirk Selects has been a really good fit for our daughter both as an athlete and as a coach. I feel that as an athlete, although her coaches guided her in improving her skills, they encouraged her to be accountable to herself to achieve the level of success that she wanted. I also appreciate that my daughter had to go through an interview process before becoming a coach and that she receives an evaluation of her performance as a coach. These are life skills that will benefit her in her future."

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