Pommel Horse

Frequently asked questions

What level should I sign up my child for?

Check out our class descriptions on our registration page. If you still aren't sure, then send us an email!

I think my child might be ready for the competitive program but I'm not sure.

No problem! Email us at selkirkselects@hotmail.com and we can set up an appointment at the gym for your child to get assessed by one of our coaches. Assessments usually take around 15-30 minutes. During this assessment the coach will ask the gymnast to perform various basic skills to give them an understanding as to which level would be best suited for your child.

What kind of training do the coaches have?

All our coaches are CPR and First Aid certified and they must renew their training every 3 years. Our coaches are also registered coaches with M.G.A. (Manitoba Gymnastics Association) and have completed their Respect In Sport courses. All of our Senior Coaches are trained in the Gymnastics Foundations course. Read more about our amazing team by visiting our coaches page.

When is registration?

Our website is updated regularly with all the information our members need to stay informed about registration. Visit our registration page to find out more!

Fall Session: Registration usually takes place in the months of July and August.

Spring Session: Registration usually takes place in the month of April.

Summer Session: Registration usually takes place in the month of April.

Does my child still have gymnastics practice on a holiday?

When you registered your child for gymnastics, you received a registration schedule that outlined all of the holidays that are recognized by Selkirk Selects along with any other planned class cancellations. Please refer to that document. If you misplaced the document, then your child's gymnastics coach will be able to let you know of any upcoming class cancellations.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes! We have a basket at the gym in the waiting area where all misplaced items are put. Be sure to check that basket if your child has lost an item. NOTE: The lost and found is emptied / items are donated semi-annually.

How can I become a coach?

If youre interested in becoming a coach, you can apply here!

How much does gymnastics cost / where can I find prices?

During the registration period, prices for classes will be available on the registration schedule which will be uploaded to our website. To see if registration is currently open for the session you are interested in, please visit our registration page.

Note: Prices vary slightly from year to year; it is for that reason that we do not always have our prices listed online.