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Fall Session

September - April 

Fall Session is an 8 month program offered to both Recreational and Competitive Gymnasts. This program gives gymnasts the opportunity to experience the sport of gymnastics during a longer time period. 

Spring Session

April - June

Spring Session is for gymnasts who wish to do more gymnastics after the regular season has ended. Any competitive gymnasts who are going to be moving up to a higher level in the following year are required to attend Spring Session so that they can start getting ready for the upcoming season at their new level!

Spring Session is lots of fun and the gymnasts love it because they get to try new skills, as the regular competition season is now over.

Summer Session

July - August

Summer Camp is the perfect way for your child to stay active in the summer months when there are no regularly scheduled gymnastics classes. Gymnasts will spend the day perfecting their gymnastics skills, conditioning, playing out-door games, water games and crafts... followed by more gymnastics.



How to register?

This program is by invitation only. If you are interested in joining our competitive program, please fill out the below form.


Parent & Tot

Ages 2-4

This class is designed for you to spend time with your child in a structured, fun environment while they learn the basic gymnastics movements.  This is a great way to introduce them to an active, healthy lifestyle. They will explore all equipment and develop basic skills throughout the gym.


Girls Recreational 2

Ages 9+

This class is best suited for girls ages 10 and up. Please see the above “Recreational 1” description as these two classes are the same, aside from the age requirements.



Ages 4-5

KinderGym best suited for children ages 4- 5. This class is designed for boys and girls to introduce them to the fun and basics of gymnastics in a safe and disciplined environment. This active class introduces them to all of the equipment involved with artistic gymnastics in an age appropriate fashion.


Girls Pre-Competitive

Ages 5+ (Invitation only)

This class is by invitation only and is designed to introduce girls to the competitive program to help them decide if they are interested in the competitive stream. This class allows girls to be challenged but without the commitment and obligations that go along with the competitive program. It is also for girls who want to go in the competitive direction but are either not ready or old enough yet.


Recreational 1

Ages 6-8

This class is designed for gymnasts with little or no experience in the sport.  It introduces them to the fun and basics of gymnastics in a safe and disciplined environment.  Skills will be developed to improve flexibility, balance and strength to enhance skill development. This class is the building block for entrance into the Pre-Competitive levels. 


Competitive Program

Ages 6+ (Invitation only)

The Program is developed to assist in the progression from the Regional Stream, to Provincial Level and to the National Level. 

This program puts an emphasis on having fun yet demands a commitment to working hard.  As the gymnasts’ progress and higher levels are achieved, further competitions beyond the regional stream can be introduced as the gymnasts further develop their skills. The Regional Stream includes J.O. levels 1-5 for women and beginner and advanced for men. The Provincial Stream includes J.O. levels 5-9 for women. and J.O. levels 1-5 for men. 



What to Wear

A bodysuit or snug fitting t-shirt and shorts, preferably with some stretch in the fabric. All hair must be tied up and away from the face. Competitive gymnasts MUST wear a bodysuit.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 12.53.19 PM.png


What To Wear

A t-shirt and shorts (shirt must be tucked in).
No long pants. Competitive gymnasts may wear a body suit or a t-shirt and shorts. Any long hair must be tied back.

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